"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle

Initiātus provides a comprehensive, yet broad range of advisory services via analytically and strategically driven methodologies to enhance the variety of businesses served. We provide a distinctive approach in meeting the diverse and evolving demands of our clients. Our team carefully navigates the complexities of research, planning and development while being attendant to all requisite regulatory, governance and compliance issues. Additionally, Initiātus is conscientious of environmental matters prevalent in today’s business climate and adheres to these responsibilities while demonstrating the most reasonable and cost effective approach, specifically designed to meet each situation’s unique requirements. This is accomplished with a clear, focused and consistent awareness of the fundamental necessity of heeding our manifold fiduciary duties. This nexus of shared considerations allows for unique collaboration in our ever expanding areas of interest.

In the simplest terms, our advisory and business development services can be summarized as the ideas, initiatives and activities aimed towards making a business better. This includes increasing revenues, well thought-out growth and expansion, and augmenting profitability across all enterprise departments.

The foundation of Initiātus’ business is our dedication to helping our clients and organizations maximize their performance and realize their vision. We are determined to help shape our clients’ futures. . . combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models. Thereby, Initiātus operates at the intersection of business and technology, bringing together capabilities in business, technology, operations and function strategy to help clients envision and execute industry-specific strategies that support enterprise-wide transformation.

“What business strategy is all about; what distinguishes it from all other kinds of business planning ~ is, in a word, competitive advantage. Without competitors there would be no need for strategy, for the sole purpose of strategic planning is to enable the company to gain, as effectively as possible, a sustainable edge over its competitors.” Keniche Ohnae

Remember, that capital is of the prolific, generating nature. Capital can beget capital, and its offspring can beget more, and so on.” Benjamin Franklin