The Dream No Little Dream Foundation believes in the right of all individuals to engage fully and to actively participate in the social, cultural, economic and political systems that impact their lives. Therefore, professional public servants should strive to understand, engage and transform the myriad of complex institutions to ensure equity, seek to eliminate injustice and effect positive change in our broader community. It is our core belief that it is the right of all individuals to reach their full potential and in the importance of the embodiment of the spirit of democracy.


"The federal government belongs to the people, and they expect it to serve them, and as it does so constructively, they will support it, and if it doesn’t, they will repudiate it. But the greatest service it can render the people is to improve the opportunity of the average citizen to build his own security."

Senator Robert S. Kerr

“It is in our power, under the watchful eyes of God, to determine the physical form of the world in which we live. We can make it a paradise… or by neglect, permit it to become a desert. The choice is ours.”


“To use, to understand, to love the soil, is a civilizing process.


Senator Robert S. Kerr

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